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90th Annual Convention Was a Big Hit

As I write this letter reflecting back on the recent events at AWCI’s 90th Annual Convention and the Intex Expo, I think how fast the days have come and gone. It seems like only yesterday that we were all busy going to our respective committee meetings, education sessions and networking events. I hope that everyone who attended was able to find that one bit of information or product they had been looking for on that special job coming up.

It was great to see the faces of so many old friends and also good to establish new relationships with industry colleagues from around the country. There were so many events that gave us opportunity to share ideas that might help us back at the office.

I want to thank the many sponsors and exhibitors that made the trade show a successful one. I also thank AWCI Executive Vice President Steve Etkin and his staff at AWCI headquarters who worked so hard to make it a memorable convention. All the hard work these people put in to this year’s event showed from the opening session and awards brunch, which just keeps getting better each year.

This year’s awards ceremony was again the best ever, and I want to congratulate Ron Brady, our newest Pinnacle Award winner. I’m reminded of that super video, the “This Is Your Life: Ron Brady” video, which helped make us all feel like we were part of a great family. Ron had more than 40 family members come to the stage when he accepted his award. I also want to congratulate all of our Construction Safety and Construction Quality award winners for a job well done.

I could go on with praise, but an editor with space constraints keeps me on a tight leash. In signing off, I remind those of you who missed AWCI’s 90th convention and second annual Intex Expo to make plans for next year’s show. It’s going to be even bigger at the beautiful Las Vegas Paris Hotel and Bally’s.

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