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A Successful Convention

San Antonio, Texas, proved to be an ideal place to hold AWCI’s 85th Annual Convention
and Trade Show. It was my pleasure to host so many tremendous events, and
to see so many old friends, in addition to new ones. And what an even it was! Exhibitors
came from as far away as China and the Ukraine; attendees from Germany and England
also were in attendance. Education sessions covered everything from mold to
employee policy to scaffolding, and the exposition was the largest one to date.

The awards brunch honored the best the industry has to offer. I wish I could go into
more details, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises that next month’s magazine will
bring. The May issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions is our industry awards
issue, and it is there that you will find out about all the winners.
At the end of the week, the Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry hosted an
extremely exciting auction, raising funds that will help support such ongoing programs
as the $10,000 scholarship and the dissemination of new technical information to the
industry. (Read the article on page 62 for information about the Foundation’s newest
venture, a research paper regarding the mold issue.)

But none of this would have happened if it weren’t for AWCI’s top headquarters staff
On the surface, everything seemed to go off seamlessly, but behind the scenes, there’s
much hustle and bustle as the staffmakes sure everything does indeed proceed seamlessly.
And they did a fantastic job. I would like to formally acknowledge the efforts of
the AWCI headquarters team, and I thank them for making me look so good.

The members of AWCI have this great staffworking for you, to answer any questions
you may have. I encourage all of you who are reading this now to take advantage of
this additional member benefit. And I thank all of you who attended the convention
for coming. See you next year in New Orleans!

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