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I am writing this on September 11, the anniversary of that catastrophic day in our nation’s history 16 years ago. Many people just refer to the event simply as 9/11. Many died, and our first responders ran to aid the injured—even at the risk of their own lives. I am humbled by the memories of what occurred on that day. Our nation and our lives changed dramatically.


This is also a time the citizens of our country are pulling together through adversity as a result of Hurricane Harvey pounding Texas and crippling Houston and parts of the Gulf Coast, and Hurricane Irma, the largest hurricane ever recorded that decimated the Virgin Islands, Cuba and parts of Florida. At this writing, we still don’t know the full extent of the death and destruction in Florida as the hurricane, reduced to a tropical storm, continued north through Georgia.


What we do know is that many relief organizations—government and nonprofits—have come to the aid of those in need. The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and two other ships have been dispatched, and there are already many stories of the heroics of our first responders. It is these people and organizations coming to the aid of others in times of pressing need that helps to make our country great.


So how this is relevant to AWCI? The association has an organization known as AWCI CARES (Caring Action Relief in Emergency Situations), which is funded and managed by the Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry. The program offers financial assistance to the employees and families of AWCI member companies who have experienced a major illness, accident or hardship beyond their insurance and financial capabilities. My wife Rosie is among the many volunteers for AWCI CARES. I hope that many of you, if possible, will participate in some way or form in the efforts to help those people in need as well. Visit to download forms for employees who may need assistance in the aftermath of these natural disasters, or to make a donation and learn more about the program.

In addition to being 2017–2018 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Sellers is president of OCP Contractors, which has offices in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio.

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