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An Engaging Year Ahead

Let me begin by answering the frequently asked question to the newly appointed President of AWCI: What are your goals and aspirations for your 12 month term as President? The response is simple: I will put a stop to global warming. I am determined to close the prison at the Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. I plan to bring combat troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. I will pass universal health care and create a new energy policy.

Oh, wait! I am told these goals are already taken so I will share some of the ideas I would like to accomplish in my term as President. It is difficult to imagine how much can really be accomplished in 12 months. Nevertheless, I would like to think of my intents to be simple, honest and attainable. Straightforwardly, I aspire to keep the members as educated and informed as possible. With more knowledge brings better opportunity to make sophisticated business decisions to weather the downturn in the economy.

Furthermore, it is traditional to visit our chapters and members across the country during my one year term. While embarking on these trips, I will solicit the issues that plague our industry. My intention is to bring back any concerns or problems to the Executive Committee to be addressed.

Additionally, I would like to give kudos to the past President of AWCI, Jim Keller, and thank him for the success he has achieved during his presidency. I hope to continue and strengthen the relationships and alliances built by Jim. I also want to acknowledge our business partners EIFS Industry Members Association, the Steel Framing Alliance as well as the Ceiling and Interior Systems Contractors Association, and I look forward to working together to find solutions that can best serve our membership. I would also like to acknowledge our international friends at the Federation of Plasters and Drywall Contractors (England), Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry-Australia and New Zealand, and Interessengemeinschaft Trockenbau e.V. (Germany.)

In closing, pursue opportunities with caution. Know whether the project you are chasing is properly funded. Pay attention to detail and last but not least, don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short.

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