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Go for the Gold

As I write this column, the games of the 2002 Winter Olympics are in full swing.
Although the terrorist attacks on the United States and their residual fallout are still
front-page news, I have to say that I think it’s wonderful that the world has united
again, even if it is only for two weeks of sporting events.

Some people may still be leery about traveling since Sept. 11, but the many different
nations (more than 75 of them) that have come together for the Olympics show the
resiliency of this world. It also shows the strength and character of the United States,
which is the proud host of the Olympic games. It also shows our ability to prevail and
lead the free world.

The athletes and their home countries are proving to the rest of the world that life goes
on, and that we should not react with fear. Sure, the security measures are heightened,
but that’s the way it should be in this day and age. That’s unfortunate, but that’s the
way it has to be.

We also shouldn’t fear the unknown. Many of us in the construction industry, myself
included, like to stick with the “tried and true” products and techniques. After all, if
it ain’t broke, why fix it? But we can’t ignore new gizmos just because they’re new. Even
if I don’t run out to purchase the latest new tool, my curiosity is piqued when I see it
being put to use, and I’ll keep my eye out for other uses. Eventually, I may buy it.

Think about it: Prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics, did you really know about some
of those new games? Suddenly, with four American athletes claiming the top medals—
an American taking the gold in the women’s category, and three Americans making a
clean sweep of the three medals in the men’s category-we now all know what halfpipe
snowboarding is all about.

So don’t get caught in a rut. Keep your eyes open, and go for the gold!

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