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I Truly Enjoyed It

It’s hard to believe a year has passed and my term as AWCI president is nearing a close. One of the many pleasant surprises for me during the past year has been reconnecting with old friends and business associates who have moved on or drifted away over the years, but who happened to read one of my President’s Messages and gave me a call or sent an email. It’s been great to reconnect and hear from everyone, and one of my goals is to continue to stay in touch long after my term as president expires.


Since this is my last President’s Message, I would like take this opportunity to thank the many people who have made this year both extremely rewarding and relatively stress free. First and foremost is the staff at AWCI headquarters in Falls Church, Va. Their hard work and dedication to our membership and industry makes AWCI one of the best run trade associations anywhere. They held my hand when necessary, gave me a kick in the pants when needed (mostly when my deadline for the President’s Message was approaching) and always made sure to point me in the right direction. We are fortunate to have such a talented and devoted group of individuals working on our behalf.


I would also like to recognize all the members who participate in the various AWCI committees. Like any good association, the committee level is where all the grueling work takes place, and AWCI is blessed to have such a dedicated group of individuals who are willing to make the time and put forth the effort necessary to advance issues and develop programs that benefit our entire industry. AWCI could not have such a positive impact without the participation of this group, and their contributions are greatly appreciated.


Finally, I need to thank the past presidents who came before me, the AWCI board of directors and the AWCI executive committee. This team represents some of the best and brightest in our industry, and the time I’ve spent working alongside them has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and insight that has benefitted and continues to benefit me both personally and professionally.


Education is a lifelong journey, and I look forward to continuing that journey with my involvement with AWCI. There is always something new to learn or someone new to meet, and AWCI does a tremendous job of facilitating that for us all.

In addition to being 2014–2015 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Casabona is president of Sloan & Company, Inc. in West Caldwell, N.J.

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