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Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s now January 2003. We’ve had all the turkey, candy, holiday parties and football
we can stand for a while. It is now time to point our businesses forward into the next year. What will 2003 hold in store for construction as whole and the wall and ceiling industry specifically?

Much of the economic news seems to be negative. Construction contractors are being
blamed for mold growing in old and new construction. Insurance for EIFS is impossible to find or outrageously expensive. Doom and gloom pervade the atmosphere. But wait, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. AWCI has been working for you on these issues as well as many more.

The Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, through the Chelsea Group, is completing a second paper on mold to substantiate construction sequencing to prevent
mold growth in new buildings. This document is currently being reviewed and should
be published soon. AWCI will be offering a program for contractors to be certified as mold loss prevention specialists in concert with the Academy to be held in Tampa, Fla., this month.

Also, AWCI is addressing the insurance crisis in EIFS. The AWCI board of directors
has authorized the first study of forming an offshore captive insurance company to
provide general liability insurance to wall and ceiling contractors, including EIFS. That study was completed with positive results. We have now met with several of the major EIFS manufacturers to present the details and gauge interest in funding such a venture. That meeting was also very positive. We are proceeding with the next steps required to form this captive company, When all the pieces are in place, we will request formal board approval and finalize this critical item.

These are just two of the many initiatives AWCI is working on in your behalf. I am
gratified to be just a small part of these processes. There are exciting times and good
days are ahead. I urge all of you to send representatives to the Academy in Tampa.
We must focus on the positives and support our industry and association. Support
your industry, and it will support you.Canada.

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