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Looking Forward at AWCI

It is an honor to be your new AWCI president for the upcoming year. I would especially like to recognize Mike Taylor for his service as our president and his commitment to this organization.


My first ambassadorship for the AWCI was to represent the association in China. Our group and I were greeted with great enthusiasm at the convention of the China Association of Decorative Building Materials. We met with many industry executives and representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of China. It was a professional atmosphere of mutual sharing of ideas and recognizing market differences.


Due to cultural differences, there was much to be learned by both sides. I must admit my awareness of these cultural differences was unsurmised prior to arriving in a country with 1.37 billion inhabitants. The needs and pace of their country were an adjustment to my thinking. Construction projects were on massive scales. As an example, communities to house 50,000 people were under construction in a repetitive fashion. Being in multiple cities with more than 20 million people was a lot to comprehend. Regardless of your trade politics, the sharing of knowledge gained by having international relationships is a plus for our association. If you would like to know more, please ask me. I will be traveling to many association meetings and events across the United States in the coming year.


In our industry, my passion, as many who know me can attest, is the forward progression of our industry: the technology we use, the means and methods being developed, lean construction and how we can best address labor issues, generational hiring practices, and training. My company is an interior contractor, distributor and most recently we are into construction manufacturing. To me, our industry is evolving. I want to encourage others to look at bringing our industry into the new paradigm. Find ways to get past the low bid mentality.


And by the way, AWCI is a tremendous resource for all its members. My only question is, Are you using those resources? We here at OCP Contractors recognize the value and are benefitting from it.

In addition to being 2017–2018 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Ed Sellers is president of the Cleveland office of OCP Contractors.

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