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Looks Like Business as Usual on the Hill

After all the campaigning, debating, advertisements, emails, robocalls and the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars by both of the candidates, it will be business as usual in our country and more of the same. If you were fortunate enough to grow your business in the last four years, then I wish you all the same luck moving forward. Some businesses do well no matter who is in the Oval Office, and if you are one of those lucky ones, then God bless you!

But, like me, if you are involved in the construction industry, which depends on people investing in the growth of their communities, cities and towns, then all I can say is, “Hope for the best but prepare for more of the same.”

Whether President Obama was my candidate of choice or not, I will always support my president the best I can. He is the elected leader of our country, and I will hold high hopes that through all the recent campaigning, he really has heard the American people speak, and he will be a better president in his second term and address some of the more important issues we are facing in this country in the very near future.

However, I will remain cautious because even though he speaks well and always seems to say the right things, it is more important to watch what he does. There is a great opportunity here for him now to become the president that everyone who voted for him believes he can be. I can only hope that this is the case and he seizes the moment that all second-term presidents have in their grasps, and that is to live up to all of our country’s expectations.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to you, Mr. President, and the same to all of us who are still waiting for this country to return to good fiscal health. I hope this term you address the important issues that have been lingering in this country for some time now instead of the political ones. There is a lot of work remaining to be done. So, with all due respect, please roll up those shirt sleeves and work hard to return to bipartisanship. The campaign is over and you’re back on the clock. It is time to take care of business.

All the best for the next four years,


In addition to being the 2012–2013 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Burley is president of B&B Interior Systems, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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