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Maybe They Don’t Know … What They Don’t Know

If you are not involved in something, how can you pass judgment on it, talk intelligently about it or even possibly know the advantages of being a part of it? Some people like to comment on subjects about which they know little. And if a person is not intimately involved or has no hands-on experience with the subject matter, sometimes he or she takes a less than positive stance on the topic—simply because they don’t know.

The reason I bring this up is because unless you are involved in a local chapter of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, which is both national and international, then how can you enjoy the benefits that these associations bring to our industry? What associations like the AWCI do behind the scenes to help us through our “bumps in the road” should not be dismissed.

In July I attended the Florida Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association Convention and Trade Show in St. Septemberine, Fla. (I had the privilege of sitting on the board and going through the chairs there), and it is truly one of the best shows in our industry.

The association’s executive director, Janice Ficarrotto, her staff and the board of directors once again did a wonderful job of producing a quality convention and trade show in a state that is, unfortunately, still recovering from “the great recession.” I would like to recognize the efforts of all the board members who donated time to help make it a successful show, specifically FWCCA President Jim Doyle. Good job to all, and thank you for your hospitality. Congratulations also to all the exhibitors who did such a professional job with their booths and presentations of their products.

I always come away from these functions with a renewed sense of pride in our industry that can only be enjoyed when I get involved. When you actually take the time to engage with other contractors and associate members within our associations, you begin to realize how interdependent we are. Working together as manufacturers, distributors and contractors is more important now in these difficult economic times than ever.

Please stay connected. AWCI and its 16 affiliated chapters are here to help our companies grow, prosper and have a voice in the industry that will be here for many generations. Focus on the positive aspects of our business and our associations because it is time to recover and rebuild our companies.

Remember: In life and business, you get what you give!

Warmest regards,


In addition to being the 2012–2013 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Burley is president of B&B Interior Systems, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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