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Recognition Where It Is Due

We are fortunate to work with some very considerate leaders in our industry. A perfect example occurred at AWCI’s Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Meetings in Vancouver where Steve Baker of Baker Drywall Ltd., Mike Weber of Island Acoustics, LLC and Michael Chambers of J & B Acoustical, Inc. won the 50/50 raffle and subsequently gave their winnings back to the Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry and AWCI CARES for future grants. Is that awesome or what? It’s a testament of character, kindness and generosity. Thank you, gentlemen!


Additional wrapup on the Vancouver conference events can be found in this issue’s “AWCI on the Job” on page 8, and in AWCI’s bimonthly newsletter.


Have you ever noticed there are several sponsors that regularly contribute to our industry? I am not talking about advertisements. This group provides money and actively participates in events, meetings, programs and educational sessions and so on. They do not just send a check; they send people to promote the health and well-being of our businesses. It is time to recognize them, as well as their company, their logo and their brand. We do business with people. To leverage your financial sponsorship, bring people to participate in the events and you have a better chance of growing your business.


With that said, I am issuing a challenge to the industry’s manufacturers and suppliers who know our contractors in each market: Bring a new contractor member prospect from your region to AWCI’s Convention & Intex Expo in New Orleans next April, and I will give you and your guest special recognition in person at every opportunity and in media. (Contact Karen Bilak, AWCI’s director of convention and conferences, for details at [email protected].)


I also plan to reward and recognize members who consistently attend and participate at these events.


Attendees at the Vancouver conference heard that qualified craftsmen were in great demand and at 100 percent capacity in most markets across the nation. We have a tough, hardworking industry, and we must improve our image to benefit recruiting practices. A good start is to recognize and honor the people we already have. Save the date for New Orleans—and bring a friend.

In addition to being 2015–2016 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Hinson is president of the Dallas division of Marek.

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