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The New Definition of Family

Another year has gone by quickly, and with many positive results. The EIFS educational awareness program has been widely embraced, and we have created an insurance
company to uphold the quality standards that AWCI has established for the industry

Our Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry has published a wonderful primer
on preventing and defending against mold-related litigation. Dialogue between AWCI
and CISCA continues in a positive direction, and our membership growth is stronger
than ever. We have a lot to be thankful for.

As we prepare for the Holiday Season, our focus shifts to family and friends. As a result of our many years of commitment to AWCI, Elaine and I have had the pleasure of
establishing many lifelong friends. This extension of the typical definition of family has created a genuine support group for us as well as many of the AWCI members. It is one’s willingness to become involved and make a difference in our industry that leads to these close bonds.

Conventions, committee weeks and special task groups bring us together in a positive
and similar interest type of setting. Become involved; bring your key staffmembers to
AWCI events. Let the association work for you, sharpen your skills and keep you abreast
of current trends and concerns in your industry. AWCI’s Academy, Jan. 30-31, meets
in Denver, and the AWCI Expo and convention will be in Las Vegas Paris Hotel April
12-17. Don’t miss these opportunities to become an active member in the association
and expand your definition of Family.

Elaine and I look forward to seeing you at our next event, and wish everyone a safe
and happy holiday season.

p.s. God bless our troops who defend our freedom and the families that support them.

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