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Tools Have Come a Long Way

When we sit down and begin the bidding process on that next job, it is a given that most of us are using computers that have the newest technology and the latest versions of estimating software. But what isn’t a given is whether your crews installing the materials (such as framing and drywall) also are using the latest tools. I, for one, hope they are, because I believe tools have a come a long way in the past few years—just like computer software.

Recently, I got out of the office and had the opportunity to put some of these tools into practice on a renovation. I found the improvements over the last few years hard to believe. There are tools that are new to our industry and some that have been revamped to keep up with what the end user has been asking for.

Some of the latest tools are so simple in design and application that it is hard to believe that they are only just now available; others are complex and tailored to tough jobs and yet they too are easy to use. It is plain to see that the manufacturers are very well aware of the importance of ergonomics because they are constantly redesigning their product lines with that thought in mind.

I think we owe it to our installers to stay on top of what is new and to try and keep them as up-to-date with their tools as we do with our office equipment. After all, this is where we either have a project that we all like to talk about, or we end up with the one we just want to go away.

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