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We are a commercial drywall company with about 30 employees. What estimating software programs are the larger companies using? And why do they like the software they use?

We use The Edge version 9.2 from Advanced Estimating. This software is very reliable and time saving. Once an assembly is built in the system it can be saved and pulled up again to be used in future projects. The software also has the ability to do on-screen takeoffs, which saves money by not requiring a purchase of blueprints.

—Jonathan Diepstra, Estimator, The Bouma Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

We use On Center Software. It is very user friendly and we can do our take-offs on digital drawings and print them out in color. The printed drawings are used as tools to show to the contractors we are bidding to.


We employ 50 in the field and six in the office. We use The Edge by Advanced Estimating Systems in Delray Beach, Fla.


We’re using Timberline (now purchased by Sage), which has modules for accounting, estimating, project management, purchasing, etc. They all work together and ultimately are a fairly seamless and efficient system. We are very excited about the potential that lies therein.


Pencil and paper … simplicity.


We’re a commercial drywall company in Austin, Texas, that does approximately $20 million/year in volume. We use On Center Software’s QuickBid and OnScreen Takeoff programs. I’ve never used other programs, so I can’t really compare it with any other software, but I can say that one thing that I really like is the ability to “build” common assembly types and store them in your database for future use.

—Thaddeus Koontz, Estimator/P.M., Lone Star Interiors, Austin, Texas

We use The Edge from Advanced Estimating Systems in Florida. It has been a great program. The things we like the most are the quick support (almost immediate fixes most times) and the easy setup. I was estimating jobs with the software 2 days after getting the initial training and setup. The only thing it is lacking is network capability but they say that is coming soon.

—Darryl Wiebe, President, KERR Interior Systems Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Although I download plans from the Internet and view them on a monitor, I still use a scale, pencils and paper. They haven’t done me wrong yet.


The Edge. It does it all, baby! But remember, as my boss says, “Sh*t in, sh*t out!”


OnCenter Software makes QuickBid and On-Screen Software. I have used this software for over 10 years. They stay on the cutting edge, they update every year. Also, it is very easy to work with and they have a fantastic support staff. When your estimate is complete you can also use it to track your cost, get vendor quotes and give field reports to your foreman for production information.

—Randy T., TSDA, Inc., Yukon, Oklahoma

The two systems we are familiar with are OST/Quick Bid and The Edge, we use the Edge it is a rather simple system and very easy to work with, it was designed by an estimator, not a computer guy. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that Quick Bid has (project complete and project management links but they are working on them.) The Edge has spent a lot of time on their reports and I think they have the capabilities to print most any kind of info you might need.


eJOBBID+ by Atlantic Computers—not good.


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