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What features would you like in a smartphone app for the wall and ceiling industry? In other words, what app features would solve your wall/ceiling problems?

Dimensional calculator for area, volume, cylinders, domes and other geometric shapes when surface and volume needed to be calculated onsite without having to pull out a construction calculator.

—Darron Haralson,Inside-Out Maintenance, Inc., Franklin, Tennessee

Perhaps an app that will convert measurements from an estimate into the square footage or square yards. After entering measurements into the device, the app would be specifically related to the trade (e.g., stucco, drywall ceiling)in which can then help in estimating amount of material needed for a job based on measurements entered.

—Eloy, Estimator, Sta-Rite Lath & Plaster Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico

A calculator that will calculate the amount of wallboard, screws, # of joint compound in buckets and dry weight, tape, etc. Would be great for drop ceilings too.


Two things: 1. A QuickBooks app to let you scan a receipt with your phone, enter in a description if needed, and send it on to be entered into QuickBooks automatically.

2. A time clock designed to record time spent on any job and tabulate it directly to a calendar so I can invoice jobs correctly and easily.


How to block apps being used by the workers when they are on the scaffolds.

—Tom Blood, President Long Beach Acoustics, Long Beach, California

I would like to see the app that we can download that sends a small but meaningful message to each and every leader of our great nation that makes a flushing sound whenever their phones ring. Maybe they will get the hint.

—Jim Merten, General Superintendent, D’alessio Contracting, Las Vegas, Nevada

Spanish to English application for drywall.


How about an e-verify app or a Social Security verify app directly tied to Homeland Security and Immigration.

—Keith Helm, Senior Project Manager, D. Stephenson Construction, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1) An app that would help estimate material quantities for acoustical or Sheetrock ceilings.

2) An app for Extra Work Order Acknowledgements with a place for a signature that can be emailed to the office, project manager, etc.


All the trades “out of the ceiling” app!


One that had a button that I could push and delete some of my competition with

—Pete Dittemore, President, Sierra Insulation Contractors, Ontario, California

What commercial acoustic ceiling is the best for a loud, pub-style bar without going grid systems?


An app that will allow me to input a figure and the app will draw me a line and allow me to move the line as needed and snap in place when I release, and also allow me to pick it up and move it again and then another figure in feet, and then another. Basically I want to be able to input multiple lines by footage and move them around to create my perimeter. It would be nice if it also calculated square footage when I told it to.

—Jim Needham

I would love to have an app that would allow me to take measurements high above from the ground.


An app that would allow you to look up UL Designs by number could come in handy at times to check compliance.

—Jason Gordon, President/CEO, Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, Denver, Colorado

My phone has an e-Task Killer, essentially shutting down tasks that are not in use. Is there an e-CM Killer that would allow us to shut down useless tasks?

—J.D. Chambers, V.P. of Sales, J & B Acoustical, Mansfield, Ohio

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