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What are you expecting for yourself professionally in 2012? What about for your company?

I expect to be ridiculed for stocking up on dry goods and propane, while managing for another year to avoid felony charges.

—Chris Ball, Owner, Ball CM, Inc., Canyon Country, California

As for me – I was unexpectedly laid off in mid 2011. I took a job that is a bit below my experience level and almost 1/2 cut in pay. I expect to regain the level and the lost income. As for my Company – I expect to increase the sales and begin to grab some of the market share in the area.

—G.J., District Sales Manager, CAS, San Antonio, Texas

To make a buck on a Turner job and get one back for Jim Keller!!!!


Near zero output and lay-offs. Everyone is bidding low and after a time you say enough is enough. Must get rid of the DEM, OSHA, EPA and we can fly. Just my opinion. We will try everything we can but too many bidders and not enough work. Money low.


For my company, more work. For me, hopefully more pay.


I’m praying for World Peace and hoping the economy gets better and we at least stay at the 50% pace we’re on since the downslide in 2008, thank you.

—Bruce Brown, Owner, Asars Inc., Cumming, Georgia

Our company expects mild increases in volume and continued scrutiny of expenses in an effort to capitalize on the economy’s ultimate return. On a personal level, I anticipate mild increases in the amount of medications I take and lack of sleep I endure in an effort to capitalize on the economy’s ultimate return.

—Howard Bernstein, President, Penn Installations, Inc., Summerhill, Pennsylvania

Get some work that we can make money with … maybe find an architect who can complete a set of drawings!!!

—Giles Turgeon, Green Mountain Drywall Co., Inc. Wallingford, Vermont

I am in the process of losing my house now so that painful issue will be complete early in 2012. With a little luck I may stave off bankruptcy till the second quarter, but bankruptcy is all but certain. If I can’t sell any work I will have to close the doors after 31 years’ industry experience and 19 years as a business owner. The porous Southern border has flooded our state (California) with illegal aliens who have come to dominate the construction industry. There is no meaningful enforcement of contractor law or immigration law here, so legitimate businessmen with worker’s comp and/or liability insurance are hopeless in a bidding competition.

Also, I have direct knowledge of “specialty licensed” contractors acting as general contractors and just subbing out what they can’t handle! So I am be burned by my trade brothers who are not properly licensed, illegally taking on the role of a general, while simultaneously being undercut by illegal aliens who work for next to nothing in a “fly-by-night” fashion.

I see no future for myself in this economy facing such illegal competition with zero enforcement of the laws. I am failing my family and remorseful for choosing this deadened career path. Did I mention I am hopelessly behind on my property and income taxes? Can you say “M E L T D O W N”?


I plan to focus on the details and build private business. We would like to move our company into new markets and new specialties to fight the bad economy.

—Michael Fitzgerald Jr., President, Apex Building Company, LLC, Milan, Tennessee

I own my company, so respect from my employees and contractors is enough. But the company has to survive this downtime. I do what my father always told me: “When it’s too tough for everybody else, it’s just right for us.” It makes sense.


Sadly, barring a sudden opportunity, we are considering folding up shop after more than 44 years in business. As a SCORE exec who reviewed our situation noted, “You clearly know how to run your business through good times and bad and are versatile. All you need is customers. And that requires people to again start building in Phoenix. They just aren’t doing so.” This situation is unprecedented both in depth and duration. As long as the central bankers and their lick-spittle partners in government keep this massive theft-by-fraud afloat, we will not clear the inventories of titled property, and will not recover. We witness a Kleptocracy giving smooth speeches on the front porch while (figuratively) stuffing suitcases of cash into the waiting helicopter out back. Ask Barney Frank.


To expand qualifications to allow company to streamline operations in the commercial retro-fit construction area. Achieving a streamlining of demolition and metal stud drywall operations
in office and retail fit-ups.

—Dave Hill, Graham Companies, Cohasset, Massachusetts

2012 may prove difficult to anticipate due to politics. However, people today are looking for bargains more now than ever, so I personally expect to see a building trend on saver stores like Marshalls, Old Navy—anything where people can shop for bargains or discounts. I also see people staying in their cars longer and trading less, so fewer auto-dealership construction and more auto repair shops like Christian Brothers or NAPA.

I expect to be forced to work harder and smarter in 2012 than ever before. I believe my company is positioned for a major rebound as long as we can manage the cash flow by getting creative on receivables, perhaps offering a discount plan for timely payments. I personally think 2012 will be much better than the past three combined, as long as you know where to look for the work and how to effectively collect receivables!

—Jeremy Green, President, Performance Drywall, LLC, Tomball, Texas

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