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3D Rainscreen System

Metalwërks introduces the Sculpted™ 3D Rainscreen System, a dry-set, solid metal wall panel with 3 complementary and interchangeable design schemes that produce the boldest three-dimensional forms possible.


Metalwërks Sculpted 3D is now engineered for optional integrated features, including vegetative planters and irrigation for living walls (both patent-pending), and LED lighting for a stunning wall washing effect or backlight effect.


The three Sculpted 3D design schemes—Parametric, Ribbon and Minimal—can be viewed in detail on the new Metalwërks website:


These three design schemes have been pre-formatted for simplicity of use, but are not limited to these schemes alone. Their intent is to provide more interesting options for façade design than what is currently available. Each design scheme lends unique and intriguing forms, rhythms and textures to a wall expans, and some panels can be installed horizontally or vertically.


Metalwërks Sculpted 3D is a design-forward drained and back ventilated rainscreen wall system that can be used throughout the entire building façade. In addition to serving as an exterior envelope system, it offers other more ornamental design opportunities such as feature walls, demising/privacy walls, interior lobby spaces and exterior or interior façades for large public structures such as stadiums, convention centers, hotels and public transit centers, including airports.

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