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Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions introduces InvisAcoustics™ Basics ceiling panels, a new product line designed specifically for exposed structure spaces. The new acoustical solution maintains the integrity of exposed structure designs while reducing noise.


Many contemporary spaces that feature an exposed structure design lack acoustical absorption. As a result, they often become too loud for occupants.


To help reduce noise levels in these spaces, InvisAcoustics Basics ceiling panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.75, meaning they absorb 75% of the sound that strikes them. Aesthetically, the panels attach to the deck of an exposed structure space, allowing them to provide acoustical absorption while virtually disappearing in the ceiling.


Ideal for use when retrofitting or making acoustical corrections to existing spaces, the fine-textured panels measure 2' x 4' in size and are available in White, Tech Black and Field Paintable. The Field Paintable panels have an unfinished, factory-applied scrim that can be painted to match the deck while still maintaining their acoustical and fire performance properties.


The panels are fast and easy to install on hat tracks or furring strips and cut easily to fit into any space. An all-in-one, self-stop fastener allows installers to quickly insert the fasteners without over-driving and damaging the panel.


InvisAcoustics Basics panels contain up to 84% recycled content. In addition, the White and Field Paintable panels are part of the Sustain® product portfolio and meet the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today.


InvisAcoustics Basics panels are part of a broad portfolio of acoustical design solutions Armstrong Ceilings offers for exposed structure projects, including a variety of baffles and blades, clouds and canopies, and custom specialty options like metal and wood.

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