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Antibacterial Wipes

Sycamore has launched its all-new FDA registered range of industrial strength wipes.


The advanced hi-tech 4X4 formula is unique in the ability to clean a range of substances from your hands. In addition to 4 powerful cleaning agents and 4 dermatologically tested skin conditioners, the range now also contains benzalkonium chloride proven effective in reducing bacteria and offering antibacterial protection for your skin. Big Wipes are an ideal hand cleaning and sanitizing solution for busy trade professionals who spend much of their time on the move with limited access to a sink.


The unique benefit of Big Wipes 4×4 is their ability to remove all modern construction sealants, adhesives, paints, coatings and grime in an instant. As they are completely portable, they can be kept close to hand to remove this grime before it gets a chance to fully cure.


In order to look after the skin, the formula contains 4 skin conditioners: aloe vera, lanolin, vitamin E and glycerin. Furthermore, the wipes show zero levels of irritation recorded during a controlled patch test by dermatologists.


The formula has been upgraded in 2 products with bigger, thicker and tougher fabrics playing a key role in keeping you clean:


Red Top: Heavy Duty—The orange scrub and clean fabric offers fantastic cleaning results that will be enhanced by the 4 x 4 formula. Textured and dual-sided, the scrub face of the wipe removes even the most stubborn grime, while the smooth face absorbs any excess.


Black Top: Multi-Purpose—These wipes contain a power fabric, in a striking yellow color. Multi-purpose wipes are a leading combination of toughness and absorbency. This material is exclusive to Big Wipes and represents a supreme industrial grade fabric.

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