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Book: “The Game of Sales”

Buck Buchanan, veteran of the EIFS and construction products industry, has written his second book.


“The Game of Sales” delves deeply into the business-to-business environment of sales reps and sales managers and the impact that corporate structures have on the work of sales teams.


It’s not a theoretical or academic view of sales. All the techniques, examples and advice in this book are based on the real-world experiences of people who have worked day in and day out as sales professionals.


“The Game of Sales” also uses sports to illustrate a number of key points about sales and business. Why sports? Both sales and sports are about competing. Thus, there are numerous direct and indirect comparisons. For example, in sports, the most gifted, best trained and hardest working athletes generally win. And in most cases, the same holds true for sales professionals.


“The Game of Sales” offers many fundamental tips on managing a sales team as well as becoming a successful sales rep. Whether you are a sales rookie, a sale veteran, a seasoned sales manager or a CEO, you will find value in this book as it takes a practical approach to sales, business and life.


“The Game of Sales” is available from Amazon in paperback and the Kindle edition at

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