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Channel Fit Nosepiece

When it comes to steel framing, auto-feed screw systems increase installation times and when paired with SENCO’s new Channel Fit Nosepiece, workers will have a clearer line of sight and increased fastener placement accuracy.


The FB0155 Channel Fit Nosepiece works with 1/2" to 1" screws and features a reduced diameter barrel design to improve placement of screws, especially in pre-punched holes. The nosepiece ensures proper spacing between fasteners to prevent overlap in tight fastening schedules.


To eliminate trapped shavings under the screw head, SENCO incorporates grooves that allow metal chips to escape. Additionally, screws can be driven into channels up to 1.8” deep. With a single length setting, setup is made much easier.


The Channel Fit Nosepiece is compatible with all of SENCO’s 2" DuraSpin tools provides the ideal auto-feed solution for the following applications: steel decking, hat channel, resilient channel, truss fabrication, windows and aluminum extrusions.


SENCO’s Channel Fit Nosepiece retails for $29.

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