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Hilti introduces its first robot, Jaibot, for semi-autonomous mobile ceiling-drilling. The Hilti Jaibot construction robot will help mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation contractors tackle productivity, safety and labor shortage challenges.


The Jaibot executes its tasks based on BIM data. The robot is a completely cordless and easy-to-use system that doesn’t require expert skills. It locates itself accurately indoors, drills the holes dust-controlled and finally marks them according to the trade. This is what makes the solution ideally suited for the MEP trade.


Significant productivity gains are possible with digitally planned construction projects and their realization with the help of robotic solutions. BIM-enabled robotic solutions also make the construction process more transparent with improved execution speed, constant performance and fewer errors. Daily progress can be reported from the field to the project office via cloud computing. Potential conflicts between the trades involved on a job site also can be detected at an early stage and then limited, resulting in more projects delivered on-time and within budget.


Safety is designed to assist tradespeople in physically demanding, repetitive installation tasks such as drilling numerous holes overhead for many MEP installations. It is navigated by the worker via remote control and uses reference data from a robotic total station, the Hilti P LT 300. Holes within reach are drilled automatically.

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