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Cordless Drywall Sander

DeWalt announces the 20V MAX Drywall Sander (DCE800; maximum initial battery voltage, measured without a workload, is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.), another addition to the 20V MAX System. Optimized for mobility, the sander is ideal for production work and repairs in hard-to-reach and unpowered areas.


The 20V MAX Cordless Drywall Sander is the first in the DeWalt line and is optimized for use in demanding applications. A telescoping shaft and fully articulating head allow for easy sanding of walls and ceilings in confined spaces and tough-to-reach areas. The sander is also designed with a head-mounted brushless motor, which maintains constant speed under load while eliminating flex shaft and brush failures.


As part of the DeWalt commitment to safety, the sander includes several features to enhance dust-extraction. It is fully integrated with wireless tool control, allowing the unit to wirelessly activate and deactivate a compatible dust extractor (DCV585, sold separately) without a separate fob. Once paired, the trigger automatically activates and deactivates the dust extractor, preserving extractor battery life and eliminating the user’s need to manually control the dust management process. Additionally, the sander contains a built-in AirLock™ connection port, which allows for quick and secure connection to DeWalt dust extractors without the need for a separate adaptor. Other features include a variable speed dial and dual action trigger for application versatility.


The 20V MAX Cordless Drywall Sander launched with a program of accessory backing pads and sanding discs of varying grits. The tool kit includes a soft backing pad (DWE7801, DWE7801-5) for fine finishing work and an additional hard backing pad (DWE7802, sold separately) is available for high dust-generating material removal applications. Both soft and hard backing pads accept common 9" hook-and-loop sanding discs. A program of compatible 9" DeWalt paper and mesh sanding discs also launched with the program (sold separately), and are available in various pack counts ranging from 80 to 240 grit that are perforated for dust extraction.


Available where DeWalt products are sold, the 20V MAX Drywall Sander is kitted with 2 5.0Ah batteries for $619 MSRP or bare tool for $439 MSRP.

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