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Cordless Framing System

Through the introduction of the Cordless XP Framing System, Paslode is giving users precisely what they need to improve productivity on the job site and increase their satisfaction with product performance. Based on feedback from the field, Paslode redesigned the Cordless XP Framing System (CF325XP) to include a nailer that delivers the best power-to-weight ratio in its category and new formula framing fuel that delivers effective performance down to 14° F.


The new Cordless XP Framing System is equipped with a nailer that features a reengineered power vent design for the combustion engine. This innovative design change increases power from 85 to 95 Jules, making the nailer the strongest of its size and offering higher daily output. Additionally, the increased power improves overall usability and reduces labor by driving nails flush into laminated veneer lumber and hardwoods, which eliminates time spent removing and re-nailing standing nails.


Further raising end-user productivity, the Cordless XP Framing System includes Paslode’s breakthrough all-season Framing Fuel formula. The newly re-formulated Framing Fuel eliminates time-consuming workarounds to keep fuel warm enough for effective performance. And since there is no need for double-pumping, the versatile new fuel also saves money. Even when it’s too cold for compressors to operate properly, Paslode’s Cordless XP Framing System is always ready to work without needing to warm a fuel cell or charge a battery. In fact, this everyday system for everyday weather can save up to an hour a day on the job site.

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