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Customized Drilling, Fastening Solutions

In February 2016 Milwaukee Tool will introduce M18 FUEL™ Drill Drivers, Hammer Drills and Compact Impacts that can be completely customized for better control over power, speed and consistency through ONE-KEY™. These new drilling and fastening solutions connect wirelessly to the ONE-KEY™ app, allowing users to use predetermined setups for specific fasteners and materials, or completely customize their own profile with torque and speed settings for the application at hand.


The Tool Control functionality within ONE-KEY™ allows users to customize a variety of settings in managing tool output—everything from torque and speed to trigger ramp-up and sensing progress throughout a given application. Easily configured, these tools will automatically adjust based on the inputs.


Users will be able to use their smart device to connect to any ONE-KEY™ compatible M18 FUEL™ tool within 50' and create custom profiles that make the tool match the way they work. Tool Control will give these users 2 ways to customize: They can create their own profile by adjusting speed or torque, or they can access available setups based on common applications like self-tapping screws, concrete anchors and hole-saw drilling. These setups will remove the guesswork by providing torque and speed outputs based on selected materials, fasteners and accessories.


With the touch of the button on the tool, users will be able to easily go back and forth between these saved profiles so that each application is done with the most accurate and productive settings. Once the tool is set, a phone is no longer needed.


The ability to communicate with a tool, maximize its potential and save settings that achieved the best results will revolutionize the way work gets done. With unmatched control and speed for the most consistent results, users will experience up to 25% more run-time, 50% faster driving speeds, 4X longer accessory life, as well as reduced tool stalling and less damage to fasteners and materials.

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