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Dump Cart

Grabber Construction Products lightens the load of job site work with its new Grabber Dump Cart. A heavy-duty cart with patented features and impressive capacity and functionality, the Grabber Dump Cart is designed with the needs of construction professionals in mind.


With its, 1,000-lb load capacity, the Grabber Dump Cart can tackle heavy-duty job site waste with relative ease. The cart holds 3/4-yard of debris; capacity increases to a full yard with the optional hinged lid. And while the cart’s volume is impressive, its rugged construction confirms its professional grade.


Grabber’s Dump Cart is made from durable high-density plastic as a single seamless container. The design features a patented reinforced handle integrated into the cart mold, making it less susceptible to cracking or breaking. Thanks to a reinforced rear axle, the bin floor also stays free from cracks and sagging brought on by heavy loads.


Still, construction pros know loading a waste bin is just half the battle. The Grabber Dump Cart is designed for easy maneuverability and dumping by just one worker.


The cart’s front casters with stainless steel bearings and grease fittings offer a smooth, 360° spin. Their bolt-through attachment means they’ll stay connected and won’t strip out like casters attached with only a lag bolt. Large rear wheels traverse the roughest worksite surfaces with ease. A soft rubber surface over hard-rubber wheels balances the need for durability and traction whether the cart is empty or full.


A patented, multi-rib handle design provides the right grip for pulling, pushing and full-tilt dumping. With its smooth interior surface and lay-flat front, the Grabber Dump Cart can be rolled and emptied by a single worker with no concern of tipping.


The cart is sized to fit through standard doorways and in elevators. Multiple carts even stack to save freight costs during transport. The smooth, hard plastic surface is easy to brush out or hose down for cleaning. It’s resistant to moisture and pitting, and the bin has no rivets or parts that will corrode. Even if it takes a beating over time, the Grabber Dump Cart lets contractors replace an axle, caster, rather than replacing the entire cart.

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