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Fall Protection

Werner announces a major expansion in its range of fall protection anchorage connectors. Through its acquisition of ClimbTech, Werner is now the exclusive provider of renown anchoring solutions including Removable Bolt Concrete Anchors (aka “Lollipop Anchors”), Mega-Swivel Anchors, I-Beam Sliding and Fixed Anchors, Toggle Bolt Anchors, Rescue Ladders and more.


In addition to adding several key exclusive products to its fall protection line, Werner has expanded its current range of anchors. The new fall protection anchorage offerings are already helping end-users solve real-world problems by combatting environmental factors that compromise safety and helping to prevent human error.


Werner’s anchorage solutions are already solving real-world challenges in the industry highlighted by the temporary ban of concrete web straps in New York City construction sites. Inexpensive nylon webbing and forged D-ring connectors are subject to sun degradation, fraying in windy environments and, most importantly, human error.


The straight loop insert is a patented mechanical solution to concrete web straps that effectively mitigates the risk of human error. When improperly installed, the straight loop insert becomes unusable, helping to ensure strong connection points. The Mega-Swivel can also be used in place of traditional concrete web straps.

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