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Finish Trowels

Bon’s offering of contractor-grade hand tools has expanded with a line of the highest grade professional finishing trowels. The new trowels are marketed under the brand name Steel City Trowels by Bon. More than 200 new trowels are in production covering all of the most popular sizes in demand for concrete and plaster/stucco work.


The trowels feature the highest grade finish trowels available, a lightweight and durable aluminum shank, premium blade materials and precision ground.


Steel City Trowels feature an industry exclusive rivet system in which the aluminum shank is attached to the blade utilizing two copper rivets. This provides maximum strength and durability.


Bon Steel City Trowels are available in 4 blade materials that are of the finest grade and precision ground: Golden Stainless Steel, Razor Stainless Steel, Blue Steel  and Carbon Steel. Options include square end or round end, short or long shank. The variety of available styles and sizes are equipped with choice of Bon’s patented Comfort Wave or Camel Back Wood handle. Both handle options are ergonomically designed for comfortable, all-day use.

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