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Foam Adhesive

Tytan® Professional Foam Bond 60 Foam Adhesive’s new, innovative formula is ready to bond architectural foam shapes and foam panels after 60 seconds, and is set and secure after five minutes, reducing the time installers need to hold the material in place and eliminating fasteners on most lightweight jobs.


Tytan Foam Bond 60 performs well on damp surfaces and has excellent bond strength on a range of popular construction materials, specifically all foam panel technologies, including architectural foam shapes. It cures by the moisture in the air, so high humidity speeds up the process. The low-odor, solvent-free formulation also ensures that it will not degrade the foam over time.


In addition to the superior performance, the efficient installation of Tytan Foam Bond 60 saves builders both time and money. Just one 24-oz can of Tytan Foam Bond 60 replaces 12 28-ounce traditional adhesive cartridges. The gun applicator is also easier and faster to apply than other adhesives or mortar—equating to time and product cost savings.

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