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Foam Sealant for Extreme-Heat and Low-Humidity Environments

High heat and low humidity can wreak havoc on most foam sealants, causing melting, shrinking and, in turn, requiring multiple applications to pass inspections. Luckily, installation contractors in hot—and even desert—climates now have a new option: Tytan® Professional Fire Block 113, introduced by Selena USA.


“Polyurethane foam requires moisture to cure and typically begins to melt around 95°F, causing a double whammy in extreme-heat and low-humidity climates,” said Drew Robinson, marketing manager, Selena USA, Inc. “Tytan Fire Block 113 can be applied with can temperatures up to 113°F and down to 20 percent humidity, making it the first and only product currently on the market to consistently perform in one swipe in those conditions.”


Tytan Professional Fire Block 113 is a one-component polyurethane foam sealant that meets all fire-blocking and draft-stopping requirements. In addition to high ambient temperatures, Fire Block 113 can work with a can temperature of 113°F—far exceeding the competition.


Fire Block 113 features Tytan’s unique Smart Foam Technology, making it safe for use around windows and doors. Compared to other products that require multiple applications due to shrinking and melting, Tytans one-swipe application saves on labor and time. In addition to the installation benefits the expansion quality provides, it also improves the quality of home insulation and fire-blocking potential as the tight air and moisture seal can increase R-value and slow the speed of a growing fire.

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