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Gas Track Tool Program

Grabber Construction Products introduces next-level track tools that provide multiple benefits to contractors looking for versatility and efficiency.


Grabber’s GTT150 and GTT150HD tools provide nearly triple the run rate with high-end battery technology and, with advanced fuel cell technology, 4 times the shelf life of competitive tools.


One feature is lithium ion battery technology. The tools deliver 8,000 shots per charge, nearly triple competing tools. The battery recharges in just an hour and includes a battery life gauge.


Advanced fuel technology can be stored up to 4 times longer than competing fuel cells.


The depth-of-drive adjustment allows users to quickly dial in to the exact depth needed to properly seat pins. Both the GTT150 and the GTT150HD shoot the same 1/2" to 1 1/2" pins.


The quick release 40-pin magazine can be detached and reattached in seconds making clearing occasional jams a snap.


These high performance gas-powered tools have reliable power to shoot into concrete and steel. The GTT150HD shoots into hard concrete and structural steel.


Unlike powder tools, the GTT150 and GTT150HD can be operated by any laborer; no licensing required.


Both tools are covered under a 2 year extended warranty.

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