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Hand-Held Belt Grinding Systems

The GHB 15-50 and GHB 15-50 INOX Slugger by FEIN mobile hand-held belt grinder is ideal in situations where an angle grinder is insufficient and/or the grinding surface can’t be moved.


The tools feature the three most important capabilities belt grinding machines should have: flexibility, power and comfort.


The Slugger by FEIN GHB 15-50 and GHB 15-50 INOX can be set up as a portable or stationary grinding station, providing flexible on-site operations. Another important feature is the grinding platen, which has a surface of 3 1/8" for the grinding and finishing of flat surfaces. These capabilities make these tools the perfect problem solver for nearly any grinding work on different applications.


The tools have the 1,500-watt FEIN motor. The GHB 15-50 has a constant speed of 8,500 rpm for a high stock removal rate, and the GHB 15-50 INOX has a variable speed of 2,500 to 7,900 rpm for the grinding and finishing of stainless steel. They’re about 3 times faster than an angle grinder in beveling and weld grinding, with excellent surface finish. The tools have a wide belt selection that can be chosen to match the application and finish required.


The Slugger by FEIN GHB 15-50 and GHB 15-50 Inox feature tool-less belt change. By pulling the belt tensioning lever back, users can change the abrasive belt quick and tool-free. Another bonus is the adjustable handle, which can be turned 0°, 90° or 180°, facilitating optimal work ergonomics in any situation. The machines also feature a rotatable built-on motor. Depending on the working position and application, the motor can be turned nearly 360°.


The tools can be used for a range of applications including specialty metal construction.

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