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Heavy Tool Lanyard

The objective of personal tool tethering is to secure tools to prevent injury and damage to people and equipment below. It is equally important that the tether be ergonomically designed to maximize worker safety, productivity and convenience.


The new ergonomic Gear Keeper model # TL1-3014 tether for tools up to 15 lbs. employs a very low stretch force so as not to cause fatigue at full extension, while still providing the proper degree of comfortable recoil. Delivering more than three times the stretch of competitive bungee-type tubular tethers, the Gear Keeper TL1-3014 elastic provides a gentle, low resistance 61% stretch that minimizes a worker’s fatigue while maximizing his reach. This is achieved by having the elastic material sewn directly into the webbing during the manufacturing process.


The new Gear Keeper model # TL1-3014 tool tether also has the shortest retracted length (33") and longest extension (53") of competitive tethers. This is a significant safety issue that helps avoid entanglement issues when climbing or working in close quarters. Additionally, to protect against “drop shock,” Gear Keeper tool tethers are load tested with a built-in safety margin beyond the breaking point.


The TL1-3014 specifications include a fixed loop tool attachment lanyard constructed with a Spectra core inside of a tightly woven nylon cord. It comes standard with an aluminum carabiner or with an optional stainless steel carabiner (TL1-3024).

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