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High-Performance Safety Harnesses

Werner has developed breakthrough fall protection products to protect workers in high-risk environments from falls and fall-related injuries. The new industry-changing ProForm™ F3 Harnesses feature a patented relief cord system, which allows the user to relieve possible deadly pressure on femoral arteries and pressure on the clavicle, typically caused by harness straps in a post-fall condition.


No other harness on the market provides immediate post-fall relief in case of an accident. In the event of a fall, workers wearing a Werner ProForm™ F3 Harness can simply pull the patented relief cords to adjust the built-in seat and achieve the “Gravity Override” position, reducing the potential hazards of suspension trauma.


Built-in features like the dual back pad, self-retracting-lanyard bumper and gear loops keep professionals functioning with maximum comfort and productivity on the job site. The ProForm™ F3 harnesses are athletically styled, constructed with lightweight materials and breathable padding where the users need it most while delivering maximum freedom.


The ProForm™ F3 Harnesses are available in 4 styles: Standard Harness Tongue Buckle Legs, Standard Harness Quick Connect Legs, Construction Harness Tongue Buckle Legs and Construction Harness Quick Connect Legs.

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