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Metal Connector Nailer

The Paslode next generation 1 1/2" Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer, Model F150S-PP, is compact and provides the power, speed and accuracy to make it the most productive metal connector nailer on the market.


New features of the F150S-PP addressing the pain points include a new nose and crescent-shape driver blade; this new design improves reliability and minimizes jamming. The crescent-shape driver blade strikes more surface area of the nail allowing for consistent drive performance for higher productivity.


Another feature is an inline, compact 1-strip magazine design for balance, maneuverability and unobstructed operation. It allows for a capacity of up to 29 nails. (Note: A 2-strip magazine is available as a service part.)


The metal connector nailer delivers enough power to drive nails flush into LVL’s and harder woods, and its strong aluminum housing is designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions.


The F150S-PP features a jam-free design for the fastest hole-to-hole speed when used with Paslode Positive Placement metal connector nails. They feature a head marked for easy nail identification by building inspectors. The nails come in a pro-strip collation and are heat-treated to improve drive performance and reduce bending. They are strong enough to drive through most metal connectors even when they miss the hole, minimizing nail ricochet. They come in 1 1/2" x .131 and 1 1/2" x .148 brite or mechanically galvanized. They are ICC-ES recognized under ER2126.


The F150S-PP uses Paslode’s unique, patented Positive Placement® probing tip, which finds the hole quickly and delivers the fastest hole to hole performance. It also provides a wide angle of approach and excellent visibility.

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