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Pneumatic Nailers and Staplers

DeWalt’s new line includes 11 pneumatic nailers and staplers for a variety of fastening applications: finishing, framing, siding and more. Lightweight and compact with premium features, this line provides the user with the optimal range of fastening solutions, all of which are Guaranteed Tough® by DeWalt.


DeWalt’s collection of pneumatic finish nailers includes an 18 GA Brad Nailer (DWFP12233), 16 GA Finish Nailer (DWFP71917), and 15 GA “DA” Style Angle Finish Nailer (DWFP72155). The 18 GA Brad Nailer is ideal for decorative trim, shoe molding and cabinet crown. The 16 GA Finish Nailer works best on baseboard, window /door casing and for furniture assembly. Finally, the 15 GA “DA” Style Angle Finish Nailer is optimized for crown molding, window /door casing, and as a starter tool for hardwood flooring.


Part of the new line is the 18 GA Finish Stapler (DWFP1838), which is ideal for floor underlayment and frame assembly. The stapler drives 18 GA staples with a 1/4" crown from 1/2" to 1 1/2" length. Designed for oil-free operation, this stapler includes tool-free depth control via a thumbwheel, a rear exhaust that directs air away from the user and a selectable trigger system that can be set to sequential or contact operation.


DeWalt’s new line features pneumatic nailers and staplers designed for framing, siding and metal connector applications. The pneumatic construction nailers are led by the Metal Connector Nailer (DWMC150). At just 10.5" tall and 4.6 lbs, this nailer’s compact and lightweight design allows it to fit comfortably in tight spaces, corners and between 12" on-center joists. The Metal Connector Nailer’s exposed tip design, new to DeWalt, puts the nail tip in the hole before firing, allowing for optimal speed and accuracy.


Each of the construction nailers is compact, lightweight, and ergonomic yet durable. They provide ease of use features like tool-free selectable triggers. See the full list of construction nailers in the chart below.


To complement this line of nailers, DeWalt offers a full line of fasteners and compressors. Compatible fasteners include 18 gauge brads, 18 gauge narrow crown staples, 16 gauge straight finish nails, 16 gauge angled finish nails, 15 gauge “DA” angled finish nails, 15° coil framing nails, 15° coil siding nails, metal connector nails, 21° plastic collated framing nails, 30° paper tape collated framing nails, 16 gauge lathing staples, and caps and staples.

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