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Milwaukee Tool delivers ground-breaking innovation to tape measures with the introduction of Stud™ Tape Measures. Through new-to-world EXO360™ Blade Technology, these tape measures feature the longest-lasting blade that is both rip and wear resistant. This technology is combined with a fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold, making Stud™ Tape Measures the most durable tape measures in the industry.


“… We are taking durability to the next level and addressing the most common and unsolved user issue: tape tear. Tape measure blades tear on the jobsite for various reasons including fast retraction, whipping, jobsite contaminants and more,” said Brandon Miller, director of product marketing for Milwaukee Tool. “Stud™ was designed from the ground-up to solve the issue of tape tear through the first ever technology that protects the blade from ripping and wearing. With this new technology, we have also increased the abrasion resistance by 10X of what we offer today so the numbers won’t wear out.”


Milwaukee developed EXO360™ Blade Technology to ensure optimal blade performance and resistance to ripping and wearing. This strong, protective nylon coating wraps 360° around the blade to give users the blade durability they demand out of a tape measure. Milwaukee continues to push the boundaries of durability by delivering a fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold that can survive up to an 80' drop (on packed soil).


For added functionality, Stud™ Tape Measures deliver up to 10' of straight standout and a patented finger stop mechanism. Finger Stop protects users’ fingers during blade retraction and maximizes stability during layout applications. The tape measures also include an improved wire form belt clip that has been optimized for bag/belt storage and reducing pocket tearing.

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