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Truck Boxes

Global manufacturer WernerCo introduces RedArmour™, a brand of affordable truck boxes designed to suit storage needs from work to play. Available in both saddles boxes and universal chests, RedArmour™ truck boxes provide the security and durability needed to protect valuable tools, equipment and gear. Ideal for both the job site and everyday storage needs, these truck boxes provide everyday protection at an affordable price.


Designed with the most important features and value in mind, the new RedArmour™ products are built with 4-piece welded construction and pushbutton locks.


The truck boxes feature two steel reinforced loop strikers, rotary latches and a pry resistant C-channel reinforced lid for extra security to ensure tools and gear stay safe. In addition, the pushbutton locks keep tools safe from theft and makes it easy to lock the box with a simple push of a button.


The four-piece welded aluminum body construction makes for a long lasting, durable truck box. The bulb stripping and seal keeps equipment dry and protects tools from outdoor elements.


These new truck boxes include built-in compartments for easy access to tools, like screwdrivers or a flashlight. And the one-touch pushbutton locks also provide easy access to supplies, even when hands are full.


RedArmour™ truck boxes are available in compact or full-size saddle boxes and chests and come in uncoated bright aluminum. A mounting kit is included to secure the box to a truck bed. RedArmour™ truck boxes are backed by a 2-year warranty.

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