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Warranted Stucco Systems

Structa Wire Corporation of Vancouver, B.C, and Master Wall Inc.® of Fortson, Ga., have entered into an agreement for joint marketing and warranting of certain Structalath and Mega Lath products with the Cemplaster Fiberstucco system. The warranty is a limited labor and material type that includes the Cemplaster Twin Trac and Cemplaster Mega Lath assemblies. The Cemplaster Twin Trac system carries a 5-year labor/material limited warranty for the Twin Trac and the Master Wall® products. The Cemplaster Mega Lath system has a 10-year labor/material limited warranty for the Mega Lath and the Master Wall® products.


The Cemplaster Fiberstucco applications would also include the use of approved Quikrete® One Coat Stucco products when sold through authorized Master Wall® Distributors and covered under our current warranty program. Structa Wire Corporation products are sold through ClarkDietrich Building Systems in the United States ( in the Master Wall® U.S. market area.


This agreement offers applicators the opportunity for quicker, higher quality installations with the international technical expertise of both companies. Additional information is available on the respective websites, and

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