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Welcome to our March issue! This is the special issue that greets all the attendees of AWCI’s Convention & Intex Expo, being held at the end of the month in Las Vegas, as well as our usual subscribers. While I like to think we publish insightful, helpful information for our readers every month, I do know that some issues stand out more than others. This is one of those issues.


Start with Bob Grupe’s feature article on page 33. Bob is the technical services director for the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry who writes our “Wachuwannano” column (page 22), and this month he takes on recent changes to building codes and standards. The subject matter may sound dry, but Bob’s writing is anything but. His quick updates on everything from special inspections to cross laminated timer, green building, prefabrication and safety standards are informative but won’t take a lot of time to read—and they won’t put you to sleep either. I learned some new things, and I bet you will too.


After that, on page 44 is the start of an article that may help you keep great employees and attract new ones. With a series of 10 simple questions based on how you conducted business last year, you can determine if your company’s culture is living up to the expectations of your employees. It will also help you strengthen the business relationships you already have.


The feature, which can be found on page 62  is a good follow-up article that will help you forge strong relationships in business and in life. Andrew Sobel, creator of the masterclass Building Relationships That Matter, explains the nine key factors that go into building trust-based relationships. Read the article to learn how mastering influence, generosity, curiosity and power questions (among other things), will improve your day-to-day relationships. Start working on that today!


Finally, page 53 brings an article that gives you mathematical reasons for why contractors can’t—and shouldn’t—add more workers to the job, even when the client asks for it or if the job is behind schedule. The rate of diminishing returns plays a key role.


You’re going to want to also pay attention to the other sections of this magazine. “InSync” (page 21) helps you enhance your social media presence, “Estimator’s Edge” (page 18) will tell you how to select the right projects to bid, and “New Products” (page 25) has an array of innovations that are sure to get you thinking about doing a little shopping.


I’m looking forward to talking with you when we meet in Las Vegas during AWCI’s annual convention. Please seek me out (I’ll be roaming the expo hall both days of the show) and tell me what you’re working on, what keeps you awake at night and any other story ideas you’d like us to cover. Until then, enjoy!

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