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It is with a great deal of pride (and a warm, fuzzy feeling in my gut) that I excitedly present to you a “new and improved” AWCI’s Construction Dimensions. We have updated the look of AWCI’s flagship publication to make it even more appealing and easier to read. It is our hope that our younger readers will enjoy the more modern layout formats, and that our reliable, long-time readers will appreciate the somewhat larger typeface.


We have all made adjustments to our lives in last two years, but this new look should be a welcome change. As you peruse our pages, take it all into consideration and let me know what you think—the good, the bad and the ugly. (There is definitely more good than bad or ugly, but your opinions may differ from mine.) I would love to know what you think, and so would Craig Wood, the mastermind designer responsible for all this goodness. Incredibly talented, Craig has a great handle on our readers’ preferences, and I think you will agree that his latest work is inspired in delivering a fresh and friendly format. So come for the new look, but stay for the articles.


In our first feature article (page 30), AWCI President Shawn Burnum says the COVID-19 pandemic is “the great disrupter.” I can’t disagree with that. Other AWCI member contractors concur as well, and in this article they offer advice on keeping productivity up when manpower is down and supply chains are seemingly broken (for the time being). This article on how to stay productive when big challenges keep coming at you is one you must read.


Next, on page 36, is a story for the salespeople out there. Sure, you may be born with some characteristics that make you successful, but according to our writer, there are two traits a successful producer must have. The article also offers tips for knowing how to spot these traits when hiring your next top producer.


Then, the article on page 40 addresses the current situation with the supply chain. We all know that materials and inventories are low. It’s hard to finish a job when it can take months for product to arrive. And when you do have the tools and materials you need, do you have enough workers to finish (or start) the job, or are a lot of them out sick? Blame it on the far-reaching tentacles of the pandemic. In addition to explaining the challenges, this article offers possible solutions to keep you from losing jobs and customers.


Finally, allow me to address the cancellation of AWCI’s Convention & INTEX Expo. We were supposed to meet in New Orleans this month for the first time in nearly two years, but the pandemic and Mother Nature had other plans for us. Of course I was looking forward to it, and many of you were too; however, we all can agree that it is better to be safe. Now I am really looking forward to our 2022 convention and trade show. Even though we have had to spend so much time apart, I’m sure that when we see each other again next year, we will pick up where we left off, just like it always is with old friends. So continue staying safe, hang in there, and I’ll see you next year.

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