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It’s on! We’re going to help bring out the sleuth in you with a scavenger hunt contest that takes you on a tour of AWCI’s new website. Last month we introduced you to the association’s new site with an in-depth article, and now it’s time to see what you’ve learned.


Take a moment to see the 18 questions and read the instructions, then download the form. Navigate through, answer the questions, and submit your form. Everyone who answers all 18 questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for a Home Depot gift card. The top prize is worth $500, and who couldn’t use a little extra cash for the extra materials and new tools you’re going to need for your summer home projects? The contest closes in September, so take your time and do it right. And have fun with it, too. Good luck!

This May 2016 issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions takes another look at the immigration situation, but this time the view is different. Instead of looking at the waves coming from South America into North America, the article on page 34 examines how our friends in Canada are dealing with the influx of undocumented construction workers coming from South America and Europe.


Experts say Toronto’s economy and construction market would collapse if all the illegal people were sent back to their homelands, but because Canada’s immigration program has already collapsed and the government doesn’t enforce immigration laws, they stay. But what will happen if or when that changes?


Can the United States learn anything from Canada’s situation? You’ll have to read the article and make your own judgments.


And if you have comments about this, we’d like to know what you think. AWCI’s president recently discussed the immigration issue in his “President’s Message,” and one of our readers had an opposing viewpoint. You’ll find his comments in the “Your Voice” section of our website (click on the publications section, then click the “Opinion” tab). Your comments, ideas, thoughts and suggestions can also be considered for upload to AWCI’s website. Just send them my way:

But getting back to our traditional media—the printed publication, we have an article on page 42 that delves into the basics of bonding, and another on page 48 that will help you achieve greater success with a toned-down ego. (Now. If you just said to yourself, “I don’t have an ego and I’m already successful; I don’t need to read this article,” then you need to get your eyes on page 48 right now.) This is also our Spring New Product Guide; that section starts on page 26. Many of the new products are truly new in that they were just introduced, some just last month in New Orleans during the INTEX Expo.


Based on what I saw in New Orleans, manufacturers’ R&D departments must be putting in lots of overtime. Many new products are increasing safety and productivity, and there are a lot of them coming to the market this year. Of course we will continue to bring you the latest and greatest within these pages.


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