Construction Forecast 2024

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High interest rates and slower economic growth will put increasing pressure on construction and manufacturing in 2024. Contractors may experience disparate fortunes depending on their sector of operation. Robust housing activity, high employment and optimistic consumers will dampen recession risk. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Like airline travelers bracing for expected turbulence, […]

Advantages of Digitally Assisted Project Planning

To create a memorable look that would make patrons eager to return, The Redwood LIFE Café on the San Francisco Peninsula decided on a three-dimensional geometric wood ceiling of inverted pyramids with integrated lighting. Digitally assisted design support both confirmed this unique vision was possible and included everything from a 3-D mock-up that solved potential issues ahead of time to a complete drawing package that allowed efficient installation of a highly complex ceiling design.

The days when ceilings and walls were mainly an afterthought in the design of an interior build or renovation are long gone. The once standard directive of “choose something neutral” that won’t fight with the rest of the décor, has been replaced by a new appreciation architects and designers have for the aesthetic contributions walls […]

How to Minimize Jobsite Theft

photo of notice sign that says "This area is a designated construction site and any trespassing or removal of materials from this property upon conviction shall be guilty of a felony. It is a third degree felony to steal any property from a designated construction site or to trespass on a designated construction site"

The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register estimate the cost of U.S. construction-site crime to be between $300 million and $1 billion annually, with just 10 states accounting for over 63% of that. What’s a wall and ceiling contractor to do? Some have more questions than answers. One such contractor is Cameron […]

Value of AWCI Conferences

At AWCI’s Industry Leaders Conference in October, a couple of sessions were about the economy. While generally many of us see the economy as positive, there are a number of signs that the times could be headed in the wrong direction. The commercial sector started the year strong, but it is weakening. One of the […]

Looking to 2024

As we close out 2023, we look forward to a brand new year with our annual economic forecast (page 24). Well, maybe we shouldn’t look forward to 2024 from a business standpoint, but that may depend on your fields of experience. In general, we don’t see talk of a recession ending, but obviously no one […]

Different Strokes

Of the many favorable features that our vocation offers, I think that none distinguishes us better from our management level peers than the many different approaches we take to our work.

Decarbonizing the Built Environment

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Our homes, schools, offices and factories emit 40% of the world’s greenhouse gases by consuming voracious amounts of electricity to heat, cool, light and power appliances, says Katie McGinty, vice president and chief sustainability and external relations officer for Johnson Controls, in a TED talk.

Old Ideas with a New Spin

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What keeps you up at night? Employee mental health and wellness was the primary topic discussed at the second annual safety roundtable held during AWCI’s Industry Leaders Conference in October.

Construction Trends | December 2023

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Research findings released Oct. 26 indicate construction contractors continue to make progress responding to issues affecting worker safety and health, such as heat and mental health, but many areas for improvement remain.