Thanks for the Memories

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” —Theodore Roosevelt What a year it’s been for me and Karan, and what a special honor serving as your president and first lady. I enjoyed meeting with people from all over the country and internationally, discussing common concerns such as shortages of skilled labor […]

Youth Recruitment

Inviting a swarm of politicians, building trades dignitaries and media to the ceremonial opening of the Interior Systems Contractors Association’s newly expanded drywall training center has done wonders for the facility’s popularity. “The phones won’t stop ringing,” explains Candi Colandrea, ISCA’s assistant training coordinator. Callers want to know when […]

Managing in Uncertain Times, Part VI:

As this article is being written, the economic news continues to deal with a struggling economy and with companies continuing to reduce their work forces. Too often this process is done by cutting in general, such as mandating, say, a 10 percent reduction in all departments or closing entire departments without considering other viable alternatives. […]

Bid Shopping

Bid shopping is a nefarious act, and anyone who practices that black art is bad and should be run out of town, or worse. Just ask any subcontractor. I know that to be true. The evils of bid shopping was the subject of discussion at a recent estimator’s association meeting. I listened to those discussions […]

Contractor Review

A handful of contractors around the country were asked recently what they’d most like to see changed about working in the construction industry today. A handful of contractors does not a Gallup poll make, but the fact that they almost all wanted to change one of two things, does make one wonder. Top of the […]

Exacting Budgets

Some of my coworkers say I am too detail oriented. Some say I am too “anal.” Others say I am just too much of a pain in their ass. Ask me if I care. I am an estimator/project manager. When I sell a project, it is my livelihood that is on the line. I sold […]

Fools for Tools

Start talking tools and most folks will listen in and often have something to say. It was no different when we chatted with a handful of contractors around the country about which tools delivered and which didn’t. In an industry that has been evolving since man quit relying on caves for shelter, it’s not […]

Managing in Uncertain Times, Part V: Six Key Steps

Speed Up and Improve the Flow of Information By developing and sharing timely and accurate information, you become more able to respond quickly and effectively when problems arise. Which of your services and/or products are truly meeting customer needs, and which are not? Professor J. L. Bower of Harvard Business School says, “You really […]

Winning Spirit

Anyone who attended AWCI’s Expo: Construction Directions (also known as AWCI’s 85th Annual Convention and Trade Show) was a winner. Some winners received more recognition than others, but this issue of the magazine is all about recognizing everyone from those who have earned our respect for their tremendous achievements and the contributions they have made […]