B & S (and sometimes T when he can get him out of bed) Remodeling, Ltd

8/1/02 Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Deepockets 1256 Unsuspecting Lane Blissfully Happy, FL 78888 Dear Mr. & Mrs. Deepockets: Thank you very much for your last letter dated 7/16/02. I hope you’re both havin’ a real good winter vacation in Florida. I swear the major remodel of your lovely home is […]

The Winner of the 2004 FWCI Industrys $10,000 scholarship is L. David Peters

The winner of the 2004 Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s $10,000 scholarship is L. David Peters, son of Steve Peters of L.D. Peters and Sons, Inc., New Rochelle, N.Y. He is a junior at Yale University studying architecture. The Foundation provides $10,000 to an applicant who is furthering his or her […]

A Point of Pride

Upon entering Artcraft Collection’s new Reston, Va., store, the eyes of many visitors focus first on a green, hour-glass-shaped ceiling. Sculptured monkeys dangle from this cloud, along with halogen spotlights that illuminate furniture below and artwork and crafts displayed on the store’s orange, green, purple and baby blue walls. Drawn by color and light, customers’ […]

CS Stucco & Plaster Thrives in Its Niche

Most business owners who strive to be successful do what everybody else does, but try to do it better. Some, however, find a niche in which few others are interested, and they become the best in that arena. Belonging to the latter category is CS Stucco & Plaster, Inc., North Haledon, N.J. While […]

How Do You Estimate New Material?

One of the several projects I am currently bidding has a specification requirement for a material that we have not used before. It is actually a fairly new material that has been out on the market in our area for only about a year. Since we have not used it, I am not really sure […]


Question: How is gypsum board used as a roofing material? —via e-mail Answer: Obviously (one hopes), gypsum board is not suitable for use in situations where it is exposed to excessive heat or moisture, lest it lose its structural integrity at the molecular level. In other words, if it gets too wet, […]

The New Definition of Family

Another year has gone by quickly, and with many positive results. The EIFS educational awareness program has been widely embraced, and we have created an insurance company to uphold the quality standards that AWCI has established for the industry Our Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry has published a wonderful primer on preventing and […]

Customer Service Quiz

After the five previous articles about customer service, here’s a chance to see how you and your employees are doing. The 15 statements that follow relate to working with and providing service to customers. Rate yourself on each item using the scale below, and then total your score at the end. […]

Project Focus: Religious Building

This month we continue our focus on certain project – in this case, religious buildings, some of which may be modest in scope, and others, truly monumental. The remarkable scope of a Kentuckian’s project was understandably the key challenge, but he had more than one to deal with, so read on. “We built […]