What Keeps You Awake at Night

At last month’s AWCI Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Week, I asked members and the board of directors about a few key issues concerning our industry. Their responses were quite interesting. Regarding the issue of securing a trained work force that gives eight hours of work for eight hours of pay, I heard a […]

Barriers to Listening Effectiveness

Editor’s Note: Our author’s workload has increased so much recently that we are giving him a few months off from writing this column. This also gives us the chance to bring back some of our old favorites; this one is from December 2002 but still applies to today’s work environment. Many months ago […]

Selling the Change Order

Notice the operative word in the headline of this article is Selling. How often do you send in a request for a change-order without having to send in backup documentation or answer a number of questions about the change? If you do not have to send in documentation or answer […]

Meshing with Metal Lath

I have a question in regard to the use of Diamond Mesh Metal Lath. Why is metal lath being used on exterior vertical wall over building paper? Each fastener used to secure metal lath to the framing members (wood or metal studs) cuts through the building paper creating potential water 6 inches on center. […]

Life After Katrina

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and with Hurricane Rita one day away from landfall in Texas at the time of this writing, all AWCI member contractors and suppliers in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana were contacted. One third had no telephone service. The remainder echoed what the media and the industry pundits have been reporting […]

Avoidance Behaviors

The misunderstood expansion joint can sometimes be one of the last things considered when designing a building. But a few small steps early on can save a lot of headaches in the long run. When considering a joint-system installation, some factors to think about are movement, fire rating, new materials and designs, design trick to […]

A Race to the Finish

Horse racing is all about the breeding. In a similar sense, when you get an architect and a contractor with pedigrees that reflect a deep-rooted history of working with Churchill Downs, the end result is sure to be a winning trifecta. In 2001, the board of Churchill Downs Incorporated in Kentucky reviewed […]

Achieving the Perfect Finish

Bill Sherman recently had his hands full at the U.S. Navy Intelligence and Reconnaissance Lab in Rome, N.Y. “The job started out as a design-build,” said Sherman, project manager and estimator at J.V. Sgroi Company, Inc., Syracuse, N.Y. “There had never been any mention of a Level 5 Finish. We bid it Level […]

Show Your Appreciation

Our manufacturers and suppliers are doing a great job, but sometimes we don’t show enough appreciation for their hard work. Maybe I am prejudiced because of the 23 years I spent working for a gypsum company, but I know first-hand the important role they play in our success as contractors. Their work is […]