Problem Solved

Robert A. Aird Brent Allen Brian C. Allen Claude Amerson Dale A. Arnold David Atkin Matt Baker Chris Ball Matthew Banks Ray Barron Bill Batting Clarence Bauer Rick Blackburn Tom Bland Thomas R. Blood Fred Boeheim Tom […]

Time Off for the Holidays?

‘Tis the holiday season, and several of your key staff members want to take the same week off during the holidays. All have earned enough vacation time to do so. You have projects in various stages of completion, and you can’t afford to have everyone take off at the same time. How do you decide […]

Nine Aspects of Good Decisions

In last month’s article, we examined several aspects of bad decisions and strategies. Here are five considerations or as-pects which will help lead you to making better decisions. And, while we’re at it, we’ll learn some Latin. Number One: Use Several Metaphors Don’t focus on the first one to come to mind […]

It Seems to Be Greener on the

I confess: I have a hard time mustering any serious degree of concern when Al Gore warns us that the polar ice cap is melting at an alarming rate. I’ll start worrying when there’s no ice for my bourbon-and-seven on Friday evenings. And inane discussions on the Oprah show about how tissue-thrifty Sheryl Crow can […]


Have you ever been asked to justify why contractors do not screw attach studs to runners in a “slip” head deflection condition? Look at ASTM #C754 and call me when you get a minute. Thanks! This is a good time to reinforce this point since it is not the first time […]

Time For a Physical?

As we prepare for the holidays, this is a good time to reflect on the past year and how to fine-tune your operations. Maybe you will get that estimating software you have been thinking about, or that new tool you have been wanting. At our company, Mader Construction, we are in the […]

Specialty Contractors Carve a Niche in Excellence

Specialty contractors in the wall and ceiling industry are building an excellent reputation with larger firms by carving out a niche of their own. John Wade, CEO of Performance Exteriors Systems, Louisville, Ky., said his firm specializes in exterior stucco and exterior insulation and finish systems. Wade started working in the field with […]

The Art of Plastering

Many small family contracting businesses start off with the husband in the field and the wife doing the bookkeeping and answering the phone. After a period of years, if the husband dies, retires or divorces, the woman may take over as president. Her role would be that of manager, and she’ll leave the hands-on knowledge […]

What Will OSHA Do in 2008?

What’s happening at OSHA? Inspections and citations are down, little activity has occurred on the advancement of new regulations and at the time of this article, no movement has been made on the appointments for the Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health. In addition, if we look at the proposed budget for 2008, funding […]