Fuller Range of Rapid Coat Mud Makes Debut

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November, 2017

If there’s one thing finishers are picky about, it’s joint compound. So Continental Building Products listened to their suggestions. The result: an expanded, reformulated and improved Rapid Coat® joint compound line made just the way finishers like it. To get it right, Continental field-tested its compound formulations along the way, to see what real users think about the changes. And the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Continental’s lineup now includes a new lightweight product designed to have less pitting on the finish coats, for a smooth and durable finish with less effort. And the reformulated Rapid Coat All Purpose sands easier while maintaining excellent bond and adhesion. So, no matter what weight finishers choose, Rapid Coat joint compound applies easily with superb performance through all finishing tools.

The result is a comprehensive line of joint compound products designed to bring greater ease and speed to every project, from Start to Bison Finish.

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