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Take an educational trip or learn online. AWCI's goal is to offer many educational opportunities and formats to meet the needs of companies operating in the wall and ceiling industry that are looking for that edge to improve their business. No matter what your interests, needs, business size, or location, AWCI has an event right for you!

April 2020

April 23
AWCI Media Online Learning Series

Next-Gen Leadership

Leadership styles change from generation to generation, influenced by everything from technology to life experiences. As a result, tomorrow’s industry leaders will look decidedly different from those in charge today. Today’s CEO plays a critical role in preparing the next generation to successfully lead the men and women of the construction industry. Learn what that role entails and how the relationship between baby boomers/Gen X leaders and their millennial/Gen Z protégés is critical to the survival of the industry.

June 2020

June 11
Fairmont Hotel
San Jose, CA

WACA CEA Show 2020

The Wall and Ceiling Alliance's annual Construction Excellence Awards Show takes place Thursday, June 11 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit 


June 25
AWCI Media Online Learning Series
Sponsored by GMS

Safety: World-Class Performance

“Construction is an inherently dangerous occupation.” It’s a refrain long-heard around an industry where, on average, three injuries occur per every 100 workers. Yet there are hundreds of construction firms whose proactive, people-centered approach to safety has resulted in a significant decrease in injury and illness rates. Learn from a panel of safety professionals whose continued pursuit of a zero incident job site helps the construction industry as a whole in its quest for world-class safety performance.

August 2020

August 27
AWCI Media Online Learning Series
Sponsored by Grabber

Technology on the Job Site

The construction industry has come a long way from steam shovels, hot iron rivets and hand-drawn blueprints. With each wave of technical innovation has come an increase in productivity through streamlined work processes and risk reduction. As a new wave of technology—from exoskeletons to 5-D BIM modeling to onsite prefabrication—begins to enter the industry, will their promise to improve productivity (and profits) be realized, or have we reached technology overload?

October 2020

October 22
AWCI Media Online Learning Series

Soft Skills Teamwork Development

Communicating with others is critical to the success of any company—especially for those in the construction industry. Architects, project managers, suppliers, employees all make up the diverse project team, and successfully communicating with each factors into the success—or failure—of a job. Learn how to navigate these relationships and communicate your message to each team member through various mediums to ensure that everyone is working together on a path toward success.

December 2020

December 02
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