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Take an educational trip or learn online. AWCI's goal is to offer many educational opportunities and formats to meet the needs of companies operating in the wall and ceiling industry that are looking for that edge to improve their business. No matter what your interests, needs, business size, or location, AWCI has an event right for you!

June 2022

June 14

Why the Movement to Helmets

Why the Movement to Helmets 

Many organizations, owners, and general contractors are requiring their own employees and sub-contractors to use helmets for head protection, in lieu of traditional hardhats.  In fact, some are outright banning the use of hardhats.  Learn why this is happening, and how making the change can benefit your organization. 


June 23

Social Media Webinar

 AWCI has extended our marketing and membership efforts into social media and we would love to pass along what we’ve learned about this dynamic and engaging space to our members. Join us for this members-only webinar where participants will learn the basics of social media, channels, features and benefits, types of content and tools that can help you create content and manage your channels and we’ll conclude the webinar with a Q&A.


June 30

A Faster Drywall Grid Solution

The Solution to Faster, Easier Drywall Grid

Spanning systems are a faster drywall installation solution for corridor and small room applications—and no other system is better suited for these installations than the QuickSpan™ Locking Drywall Grid System from CertainTeed Architectural. With innovations like a locking channel that clicks tees into place without screws or crimpers and a support clip that reduces the number of hanger wires needed, QuickSpan achieves longer, stronger unsupported spans faster than any other system in the industry. Learn how these features and other innovations will help your crew cover more square footage with fewer installers in less time.

July 2022

July 07

Update on Codes & Standards

Learn how changes in the I-codes, along with the standards that are referenced by these codes, will impact your business. Emphasis will be on the International Building Code and the International Residential Code, and also on the timing of adoption of the codes and referenced standards, and how this relationship can complicate code compliance.

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